Neurodiversity: Essential For The Future Of Work

Neurodiversity: Essential For The Future Of Work

12 July 2021

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Neurodiversity is fast becoming a key priority for companies to succeed in today’s world of work. Combining the terms ‘neurological’ and ‘diversity’, it includes those who are diagnosed or identify as autistic, ADHD, dyslexic and DCD (dyspraxia), and is constantly evolving. Awareness of neurodiversity has increased in recent years.

An estimated 15% of the UK’s population is neurodivergent. This is nearly 1 in 7 people, so organisations either already have employees with a range of neurodivergent conditions or undoubtedly will in the future. Despite this, research suggests that many companies are not keeping pace. One of the greatest barriers is that neurodiversity simply isn’t included in many companies’ diversity and inclusion strategies - with the majority focusing on gender, ethnicity and cultural background. However, companies are beginning to see the benefits of incorporating neurodiversity into their recruitment and inclusion strategies.

In our report, we explore how organisations can tap into a wider, more diverse talent pool and attract more candidates due to their inclusive approach. All employees can benefit from greater flexibility and enhanced workspaces. By maintaining focus on neurodiversity, we look at how organisations will thrive in the future of work.