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Finance & Accounting

A changing industry needs bold talent. It's up to us to find them!

A targeted service. Access to an exclusive professional network. A true partnership approach. We put at your disposal our expertise.

Our teams will identify the most ambitious, talented and experienced financial and accounting professionals on the market. We analyse the skills and expectations of our candidates to best meet your requirements.

Our investment in training benefits your business.

We invest in the continuous training and development of our consultants. This guarantees you to always be advised by an expert.
This is also why many candidates are turning to us to consider their career plans.
By understanding your business, we make the difference.

Our teams are interested in your activity. Our consultants will seek to understand your vision, your ambitions and your objectives in order to help you better.
We have been working in the sector for many years and our team is the most experienced on the Luxemburgish market. Take advantage of our expertise!

Personal approach

We rely on long-term partnerships. We know what's right for you and tailor our approach to your needs, helping you anticipate challenges, track trends and achieve your goals.


Banking & Insurance

Use our knowledge and expertise of the Luxembourg market to find top talent

The Banking & Financial Services sector is facing stiff competition. Whether your organisation is a large investment bank, an asset manager or an insurance company, our consultants make sure you find the best talent.

Turn your new employees into recognised professionals.

We have a large professional network of qualified and experienced profiles in the Banking & Financial Services sector, and in addition to our personalised approach, we have enabled a large number of companies to benefit from real added value. Take advantage of it.

Regardless of your expectations, our experienced consultants will work closely with you. We will evaluate each candidate according to a rigorous process to better understand their ambitions and motivations.

The result? You only meet candidates who really match your selection criteria.

Contact us today to discuss your recruitment needs.


Building confidence in engineering & MANUFACTURING

We know the importance of recruiting suitable profiles. We also know that employee retention is paramount. Our team specialises in finding competent professionals in the field of engineering & manufacturing - a highly competitive market.

Benefit from our industry expertise and experience

To take advantage of the best engineering & manufacturing talent, we immerse ourselves in the heart of your industry. We keep abreast of trends and news in this sector.

And to put you in contact only with the candidates who correspond to the required profile, we develop a personalised approach, adapted to your needs. We will find you the people whose skills and experience will match the needs of your business. 

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Find Healthcare professionals that match your needs. We'll make sure you match theirs.

Qualified professionals in Healthcare are highly trained and selective about who they work for. So when you have an open leadership position, it's increasingly difficult to find the right mix of cultural fit, innate talent and reliable experience.

Expertise with a personal touch

Our team is committed to taking that challenge head-on. We have proven experience partnering with leading public and private sector healthcare organizations across Europe.

Our people work tirelessly to make sure they understand current and emerging trends across the industry.

With ongoing training, research and multidisciplinary backgrounds, our consultants can connect with leadership talent on a one-to-one level.

And by understanding candidates' needs as well as yours, they'll match your business requirements with the right talent.

ict & Digital

Take a consultative approach to HR Recruitment

You know an HR manager’s specialist skills go far beyond hiring and managing talent. Not only can they see how your people are performing, they also have deep insight into the kind of talent that you need for the future.

The right HR talent can transform your business. 

Through access to a network of qualified professionals, our HR consultant will help you recruit qualified professionals to help you grow your business.

A personalised approach for a better result.

Our consultative approach allows us to work with you to understand the required skills and experience of the desired profile.
Building lasting and trusted relationships is at the heart of our approach - that's why we rely on a long-term partnership rather than transactional trading. We strive to understand your business and the role of HR talent in its development and success.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Shortage of Candidates on the market?

We'll help you attract the most sought-after candidates in the legal sector.

The best candidates have choices. Thanks to our tailor-made recruitment process, we will help your company stand out. We will make sure that the candidates consider your offer as a real opportunity.

Specialised and tailor-made recruitment services that you can depend on.

Our team is specialised and dedicated to the recruitment of professionals of the legal field - all levels, for the public and private sectors.

We work on permanent contracts and we have an international presence.

We will adapt our service to the specificity of your needs. We will work together and closely. Once the candidate is found, we will stay by your side to ensure the proper integration of the candidate.


Sales & Marketing

Make the right connections in Procurement & Supply chain.

 Finding the right talent in the Procurement & Supply Chain sector is a real challenge for a lot of companies. Thanks to a dedicated team and an extensive network of highly qualified professionals, we have the solution.

A personal approach to recruit good talent.

We rely on long-term partnerships between people and businesses. We will find out what's right for you and tailor our approach to your needs - we'll help you anticipate challenges, track trends and achieve your goals.

And when you need professionals to strengthen your team, we will work tirelessly to identify the candidate who will best meet your expectations.
Thanks to our humane and personalised approach, you are certain to meet only the most relevant profiles.

Fashion & Luxury


The Fashion & Luxury industry is often seen as frivolous and superficial by outsiders, and described as a world apart, with high barriers to entry and specific rules and codes of conduct.

At Badenoch + Clark Fashion & Luxury, we know there is much more to this industry.

Our team has built solid and close relationships with professionals in these fields, and knows how hard it is to find talents that have both an eye for aesthetics – a must in creative fields – and a strong awareness of fashion and luxury as businesses, not only forms of art.

In this age of constant change, powered by high-quality content, our consultants are proud to be part of the conversation with you.

We manage every project as if our reputation depended on it – because it does.

Like the professionals in these industries, with whom we’ve built long-standing relationships, we are motivated by true and authentic passion, which we put in our daily work through diligent consultancy services, customized to our partners’ needs.

Our approach, combined with the strong role Italy has always played in these industries, makes Badenoch + Clark Fashion & Luxury Italia the ideal partner for your Research and Selection project.

Fashion & Luxury Research and Selection:

  • Boutique Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • CRM Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital PR Manager (Influencers Manager)
  • Education (training) Manager
  • EMEA Wholesale & Franchising Manager
  • Group Brand Manager
  • Group Product Manager
  • Marketing & Events Manager
  • Merchandising Manager (RTW, Leather Goods or Shoes)
  • Press & Public Relations Manager
  • Trade Marketing Manager
  • Travel Area Manager
  • Visual Merchandising Manager



Managing implementation, creation, positioning and sales strategies effectively truly makes the difference in retail, as the final link in the distribution chain and crucial element for a successful Customer Shop Experience.

Thanks to the solid experience of our team of Head Hunters, Badenoch + Clark can support you in finding, integrating and retaining the best professionals, for both Point of Sales and Central/Corporate needs.

Our team of Retail consultants has a proven track record with national and international clients, and can support you in facing any needs in Sales. 

We work in the following areas:

  • Retail Manager
  • Retail Operations Manager
  • Visual Merchandising Manager
  • Merchandising Manager
  • City Manager
  • Store Performance Lead
  • Retail Area Manager
  • District Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Operations Directors
  • Restaurant Director
  • Head of Chef
  • Category Manager
  • Direttore di Punto Vendita
  • Head of Chef
  • Category Director
  • Trade Marketing Manager