Effective Recruitment
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Effective Recruitment

"The rapid changes driven by unforeseen political events and technological innovation can be daunting. 

How companies manage this continually accelerating paradigm will be key to their ability to recruit top talent and future success.

The transparency allowed through technology and interconnectedness forces companies to brand and personalize themselves long before the ideal candidate arrives. Employer branding is increasingly driven by online presence and social media profiling of successful current employees, those needed in the future and new types of candidates arising who may have new motivations and incentives.  

We have seen an increase in demand from candidates who would like to work for companies on the cutting edge of technology, but studies also show that candidates ultimately choose a job based on a relatable personal message, long term opportunity and company culture/working environment. A clear company mission statement, plan and vision is essential.  It helps interested candidates identify with their own values and goals that they will be aspiring towards. 

A large majority of Luxembourg employers have a well-established reputation on both the local and international stage. In addition to improving upon their current branding and internal employee satisfaction, global firms who base themselves in Luxembourg are progressively working with the city to help brand Luxembourg itself. When a candidate is choosing between multiple international locations, an embedded sense of Luxembourg as a preferred country of choice for career development and lifestyle that can offer diversity, a high quality of life, community, a high level of education/schooling and stability will be instrumental. These campaigns will help secure a dynamic, competitive and enduring candidate pool in today’s global and sometimes unpredictable political climate."