Smart run in 2018

"Are you ready to run or walk? Are you ready to surpass your own limits? Are you ready to combine networking and team building?"

"If so, let’s do the SMART RUN 2018 together on Thursday 7th of June at the end of your working day! 

This is a unique, friendly and worthwhile experience for your co-workers and company to network and team build through running. 
Furthermore, the added objective of this race will be to run to contribute donations towards the organisation of Win4youth :
It is targeted towards companies and partners located in the “Parc de Capellen”. 

How does it work? 

A team of 3 runners with run three different distances: 3,6 or 9km. 
On a first lap of 3000 meters, runner 1 of each team starts. After the first 3km, runner B joins his colleague A; A and B run the second lap of 3 km. Then, runner C joins his colleagues for the last lap of 3km. These three runners cross the finish line together. 
The variation “super team” allows 2 more people to run on the last lap of 3km. 
After the number of kilometers ran, the attendees will meet up on esplanade of  “West Side Village” to enjoy networking around drinks, food and an award ceremony.  
Feel free to join in and promoting networking between companies!"