Win4Youth - The Adecco Group

Win4Youth is in the hearts of all colleagues at The Adecco Group. For the seventh year in a row, colleagues all over the globe will be taking part in sports events, united behind a great cause that allows us to live our values to the full. In our free time, we clock up kilometres and turn them into a Group donation to foundations supporting youth development, giving youngsters in need a better start in life and work.

29 June 2018

Join us

Our clients and associates everywhere are welcome to participate in the warm-hearted fun that Win4Youth generates. Adecco colleagues organise local events in more than 60 countries as well as signing up for official swimming, cycling, running or triathlon events. If you’d like to join in, ask your local branch for information.

How to participate?

Local events organised by colleagues, associates or clients.

Official local or national events (for example NY Marathon, Garmin Barcelona Triathlon).

Rules of the game for local events:

Preferably, you swim, cycle and run in a team at locally organised events because locally organised events represents what Win4Youth is about: team spirit and responsibility.

You are not obliged to swim, cycle or run in a team of three as your individual completed kilometres count too!

Rules of the game for official & national events:

No minimum number of participants required.

You can simply join Win4Youth by adding your completed kilometres on the tracking website

How to report the kilometres?

Register on to upload all of your kilometres.