We’ll help you go further

We’ll help you go further

At Badenoch + Clark, we help you navigate obstacles, give you expert guidance and always stay focused on what matters most to you.



As our partner, you'll have access to our market expertise, knowledge of trends across various industries and our global network of professionals. Together, we can react swiftly to changes across many industries

We worked with Duygu on two C-Level positions at CMC. Duygu understands the needs of her client/position and does an extensive research for the best available candidate, rather than trying to sell the position to the next available candidate on their database. Duygu follows up on the progress of the candidates and their fit into the organisation, even long after closing the position, a kind of dedication we miss seeing.


Clarity for your career

Through face-to-face conversations, regular updates and tailoring of opportunities, our specialist Consultants work to develop a deep understanding of your ambitions.

And with more than 40 years developing relationships with leading European businesses we are confident that we can help you achieve your career goals.
Alessio lin

What a headhunter with a high level of empathy, deep understanding and expert match-making. Neslihan has changed my life with her mind and heart and most importantly, her transparency. She shows all sides and aspects of the role and company to me fully and consistently.

Thank you Neslihan and Badenoch+Clark for helping me during the step change of my career.


What are your qualities?

We believe there are several high-performance skills that separate the average executive from the exceptional. These skills work together in many different combinations to create a successful and rewarding career.

Recruit the right profiles

From selection to interview, our expert recruitment consultants work closely with candidates to identify their strengths, understand their ambitions and advise them on their career plans in Luxembourg.

This rigor guarantees our clients and candidates the best result.


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What would you like to speak about?

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