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We are a group of professionals who have played a central role in various company functions. A team that can count on an authoritative network of direct and indirect contacts, to capture the most interesting executive profiles in the country – and in the world.


  • IT, Consulting, FMCG, Manufacturing, Electronics, Mechanicals, Automotive, Packaging, Chemical, Agrifood, Energy & Utilities, Logistics, Fashion & Luxury, Banking, Insurance, Steel Industry, Metallurgy, Digital Innovation & Technology, Forniture & Design, Pharma & Medical Devices
  • Staff CFO e CEO, HR, Legal
  • Executive Assessment

Fast, collaborative, discreet

Badenoch + Clark Executive Principals know very well how strategic it can be for a company to hire the right candidate, in terms of performance, reputation and credibility.

For this reason, they pay the utmost attention to building profound, long-term relationships with both companies and candidates, guaranteeing maximum confidentiality throughout the research process.

A scientific approach to truly make the difference

Thanks to a set of advanced and specific skills, Badenoch + Clark Executive Principals lead companies and candidates through every step of the research process.

With support from experts in emotional and behavioral analysis, working with scientifically proven criteria, principals assess the congruity and consistency of candidates’ claims, identifying any lapses in credibility.

Executive Assessment & Leadership Mentoring

Executive Assessment to evaluate potential

Organizations are dynamic systems, bringing together roles and responsibilities that constantly interact and evolve. 
When the scenario changes – whether due to reorganization, mergers, new business models or governance approaches – the entire company is affected, with huge impacts on people.

At Badenoch + Clark Executive, we develop projects that support organizations in times of change and learning.
We help you in every strategic decision making sure you really know your people and they are all optimally positioned within the company, by pinpointing strengths, areas for improvement and opportunities for further development.

Our Executive Assessment helps understand each individual's untapped potential, leading for example to a new role or a wider area of responsibility.

It consists in a qualitative assessment with the goal to find the areas in which people can further develop their skills and increase their efficiency at work.

When and where

Selection Assessment
Executive Assessment

  • Selection of professionals from within or outside the company;
  • Development, mobility and career plans;
  • Possible organizational “rotations”;
  • Training;
  • Retention policies for key resources;
  • Assessment of specific resources' match for the role they have.

Goals and benefits

People's potential is assessed via individual interviews with a Senior Assessor and additional tests selected according to the specific project.
The assessment is a tool to evaluate a manager's potential, bringing out his or her behavioral preferences, dispositions, skills, values, motivations and areas for growth. 
The resulting profile helps either confirm the person is a good fit for a position or highlight any gaps that need to be tackled for the career plan or role change ahead. 

The Executive Assessment focuses on all the most important managerial skills, starting from:

  • Cognitive area: ability to gather and process information, ability to analyze and solve problems
  • Relational area: sociability, negotiation skills, leadership, client orientation, integration skills, communication skills
  • Management area: initiative, decision making, control, result orientation, organization and planning
  • Systemic area: originality, creativity, openness to change, strategic thinking
  • Emotional area: emotional stability, tolerance for stress and frustration, accountability


Leadership Mentoring helps people gain, strengthen and consolidate the skills they need to act effectively and efficiently in their position at work. 

The goal is for them to improve their professional skills, increase their potential, become more effective in their job and overcome any obstacles hindering their performance.
Starting from each individual's unique qualities, Leadership Mentoring aims to create a behavioral change: a transformation that can improve and expand the person's potential, to achieve any goal ahead with increasing effectiveness.